Monday, January 26, 2009

God's Short List

I volunteered the other day to read some theology and blog about it in connection with a project Tripp Fuller is doing over at Homebrewed Christianity. He got so many applicants he's having to sort us out with some questions on a registration form, including this one:
What is the most interesting God question in your mind today?
So, with a little box to fill in, here's what I discovered I had to say about that:
I'm interested in minimalist Christianity from a practical standpoint, because the smaller something is, the faster it can be copied and spread. I blogged about this under the heading "Viral Christianity" here: This drives my interest in Simple Church, House Church, Organic Church, Todd Hunter's "Three is Enough" groups and so on. It also is part of an ongoing exploration into my own theological heritage (Lutheranism) which, while it can be as baroque as the next guy's, has certain features lurking at it's core that I think make it ripe for radical self-pruning.

That's what I think about anyway. To re-frame it as an answer to your question, maybe I'd put it this way; "What's on God's short list of the things that really, really mater for the Church?"
Nothing like a good question to get things moving.

So, what do you think is on God's short list?

And what would your life, and your church look like if you used the same list?


david said...

learning to listen and make space in me for you.

Anonymous said...

Live the parables my Son shared with you, and choose your friends and those who need your gifts in THE WAY he did.

JB from CG

Anonymous said...

do justice, love kindness, walk humbly

Scooper said...

Being in right relationship to God, self, other, and creation is as important as theology.