Monday, December 3, 2007

House "Church" Emerging Outside the Church?

Do these quotes have a familiar ring to them?

  • rainy Friday night, the young worshipers sat in concentric circles in the basement of an office building, damp stragglers four deep against the walls. In the middle, Megan and Rob played guitar, drums and sang, leading about 120 people through the liturgy...

  • Without a building and budget...

  • (They) have shrugged off what many participants see as the passive, (clergy)-led worship of their parents’ generation to join services led by their peers...

  • (Participants) are looking for “redemptive, transformative experiences that give rhythm to their days and weeks and give meaning to their lives,” experience they are not finding in traditional... institutions

  • "there’s a joyfulness to the singing, the community, the breaking of bread together.”

  • “My friends who I play football with and have beers with are leading service here. I feel like if I wanted to lead a service, I could, too.”
If you've been reading about things going on the the house/simple/organic church movement, or event the emergent church more broadly, you've probably encountered plenty of statements just like these. Except for one thing. None of the quotes above are referring to the Church and none of the speakers are Christians.

They're Jews.

I'm very excited about what I see happening among my fellow Christians these days, but I find I have a particular delight to discover that similar things are stirring in the Synagogues as well.

Apparently, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is up to all sorts of interesting things these days!

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AnneMarie said...

I love those quotes especially the first one. How sweet it would of been to be there!