Monday, December 17, 2007

A Multiplying House Church in Columbus, OH

I use a Google search tool to monitor blogs for the keywords "house church" and find interesting things that way. Here's part of a longer post from a HC in Columbus that has multiplied once, and doubled in size just because of a change in venue.

Our house church has been meeting at our house for almost two years now. We've had a great time, we've grown, even divided/multiplied and commissioned one couple to keep planting house churches in their neighborhood. All very good things. Then just in the past two weeks we had a few things happen that seem to be showing us that we need to move on, move out to where God is working.

Luis and Laura are a sweet couple from Ecuador who are friends of Maria's that she invited to come to our house church. They have been coming for about the past three months, to our house. Then a little over a month ago they had a baby and since it is cold, they don't want to take their baby out any more than they have to. So we had church at their house a few weeks ago. Then this past week we asked them if we could just start meeting at their place every week so they wouldn't have to take their newborn out in the frigid weather. They also mentioned that they had some neighbors that might want to come to the meeting. Well when we met on Friday evening, their neighbors not only came but they brought two other families with them! So, our house church practically doubled in size in one night! The one couple came specifically because their 5 month old daughter has a blood infection and they wanted us to pray for her. (Which we gladly did!) Keep praying with us that she is healed completely.

I've been reading about how if we want to start a church planting movement we have to get out on other people's turf and the new disciples will bring others to follow Jesus as well. Now we're seeing it get started.


AnneMarie said...

Praise God for that! I love hearing how God works!

Anonymous said...
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Feral Pastor said...

Hello, Readers -

A comment appeared on this thread a few minutes ago from someone who claimed (falsely) to know me and posted a link to a business-related site. A number of other blogs had the exact same post from this person. This is obviously a form of spam. I deleted the comment and reported the person to the Blogger host organization.

Those of you who subscribe to my blog no doubt received a copy of the deleted comment sent to your e-mal. I'm sorry about that. If this problem persists, I'll take steps to prevent it.

Let me take this opportunity just to say thanks for reading! I really appreciate knowing that you're with me in these thoughts and conversations!


Anonymous said...
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Feral Pastor said...

Readers -

The same spammer posted again so I've turned on "word verification." That simply requires any person putting up a post to type in a graphically displayed word, and this step will block any automatically-generated spam. Hopefully this will be sufficient to address the problem. If not,I'll take additional steps.