This page has all the resource links for the "Road Trip Excursion," running the four weeks of June 2018, including:

The Excursion is part of an ongoing teaching series that I am doing on discipleship at St. Stephen's Lutheran in West Saint Paul, MN. The page for the entire series, with links to its messages and resources, is here


May 20 - Pentecost.  This message serves as an introduction to the Excursion. It tells why it's so important that we begin to relearn spiritual community and gives instructions on how to plan your own Excursion group.

June 2 - A Helpful Way to Think About Life. The first of four messages for the June excursion. Introduces the L-Shaped Pipe.

June 10 - Learning to be Loved.  The second message focuses in on the importance of "abiding" as Jesus says, which means to remain open to the Love that God is pouring down into us.

June 17 - Rhythms of Life that Help You LIVE. Now that we know how important abiding is to our spiritual life, it's time to look at ways to make that routine in our daily and weekly rhythms.

June 24 - Putting Your Life in Forward Motion. Regular abiding builds up a delightful "Pressure of love" in our hearts. How do we let the Lord guide us so that our life flows and goes in the way Jesus is leading us?

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