"Road Trip" Series

I began serving as an Interim Associate Pastor at St. Stephen's on September 1, 2017 and a core goal I'm pursuing is to help the congregation and it's leadership to get clarity on two things:

  • What do we mean by the term "Disciple of Jesus?"
  • How will St. Stephen's go about pursuing the work of "making disciples?"

To help with that I am taking the congregation on a "Road Trip." Using my messages in worship as the "vehicle," we'll all be traveling together to explore the two "destinations" listed above. The trip started with The Great Commission in Matthew 28, and will end when we return there ready to set off on the next adventure.

This page will be to go-to spot for finding the various messages and resources that I will be featuring on my blog along the way.  If you want to climb aboard, join us in the Road Trip Facebook Page!

Enjoy the ride!

1st Message - "The Great Commission"
2nd Message - "Go and Make Disciples - What Does This Mean?"
3rd Message - "Abiding is Job #1"
4th Message - "Balance"
5th Message - "It's Time!"
6th Message - "Kingdom come - Then and Now"
7th Message - "Repent (Come and See!)"
8th Message - "Believe"
9th Message - "The Learning Circle"
10th Message - "Pentecost"
11th Message (1st Excursion Message) - "A Helpful Way to Think About Life"
12th Message (2nd Excursion) - "Learning to be Loved"
13th Message (3rd Excursion) - "Rhythms of Life that Can Help You LIVE"
14th Message (4th Excursion) - "Putting Your Life in Forward Motion"
15th Message - "Guardrails"
16th Message - "Growing Good Fruit"
17th Message - "Diversity"

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