Friday, November 6, 2009

Catalyzing new communities? Thinking about it?

Those of you who are looking for kindred spirits to connect with as you plant or dream of planing new missional communities may want to check our TransFORM. It's a newly forming Ning-based social network. Here's a chunk from their About page. If you join, I'd be delighted to connect with you there.

TransFORM is an international, trans-denominational missional community formation network:
  • international — primarily focusing on the United States context, where the majority of our members/partners live and work, but intentionally involving international partners, as well
  • trans-denominational — working across denominational lines, in partnership with existing denominations, as well as with independent non-denominational groups
  • missional — participating with God in God’s holistic mission to restore all of creation
  • formational — contributing to the formation of vibrant communities of practice that in turn contribute to the formation of robust disciples of Jesus Christ
The purpose of TransFORM is to bring together men and women who are on the verge of starting new communities (i.e., community catalysts) or are already cultivating new communities and to give them the encouragement and resources they need to get started and be sustainable:
  • by providing training in missional community development, practical start-up issues, and theological engagement
  • by connecting community catalysts with potential support structures
  • by helping community catalysts negotiate complicated and challenging support structure relationships and hurdles
  • to link community catalysts with mentors/spiritual directors
  • Organize regional gatherings to bring together missional practitioners with those interested in forming new missional communities
  • Partner with denominations/networks/groups to put on these regional gatherings and provide other resources and connections for community catalysts
  • Develop other resources to encourage missional community formation
  • Build and sustain momentum, share best practices and other learnings, provide mutual encouragement and exchange of ideas, and develop emerging leaders

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