Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spiritual Fruit-of-the-Week for Lent

Here's a little peek for you into Lent at the Thompson's this year.

My wife and I talked with our daughters (14 and 9) about what we'd like to do for Lent and we came up with the idea of picking one of the fruits of the Spirit (unintentional pun there, sorry about that) and all of us focusing together on it for a whole week.  Then the next week, we'll focus on a different one and so on.  This led to a very interesting conversation about which fruit was most urgent to get started on.  Kindness and Gentlenes were top contenders, but Self-control won out so we're off and running with that one as of today.

I made a little billboard of sorts to go on our table as a reminder with a complete set of fruits on sticky-notes tucked inside so we can swap them out from week to week.  We're also going to use this to help us all memorize the set of 9 in order by the end of Lent.  (I set up the billboard so you can hide the list while you try to put the notes in order, then open it up to see if you're right.  How slick is that?!)

So if you need an idea for intentionally shaping your faith while helping your kids to learn from your example, there you go.  If it's helpful, pass it along.  Either way, have a blessed season.

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Feral Pastor said...

At dinner last night we did a little check-in around self-control... where we had (or could have!) demonstrated it. Then I asked the girls to think of Bible stories where someone did or didn't show that trait. They came up with lots of examples - it was great!