Monday, June 24, 2013

"Shameless" Sermon Series, Part Two: "The Shame Game"

Here's the second of my four week series on shame.  We get a look at the core of Brene's insights on shame, and then I make the connection to faith.  In a nutshell, I modify her wise words:
"Let yourself be seen, and believe that you are enough."
to link them to the spiritual reality of the loving God in this way:
"Let yourself be seen by God,  and believe your Father when He tells you that you are enough."
To watch the clip of Brene I refer to, go to and watch the segment from 6:06 to 11:20.

Also, if you want to see the Powerpoint slides directly, as they are hard to see on the video, you can find them here

This series is being done at Gethsemane Church in Maplewood, Minnesota.

Sermon from June 16th, 2013 from Gethsemane on Vimeo.

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